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Rosetta Stone really works! August 22, 2009

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I tend to by a pretty cynical person especially when it comes to products that claim to make life easier. I find that most of these products really are “too good to be true.”

However, Rosetta Stone is a major exception to the rule. I guess it is really not too good to be true because it is expensive. Anyway, it really works. I am learning the language and it is not painful at all. The only extra thing I’ve done (that they do suggest) is putting notes with the names of objects on them on the actual objects. Not too hard to do honestly. I have been using the program every day, but I only use it for as long as I want. Some days this is as little as 10 minutes (about the length of one lesson) and other days this is longer (an hour or so). At first I felt strange talking to my computer, but now that I have gotten used to it, it is pretty fun.

I highly recommend this product especially if you are PCSing and need to learn a little bit of the language fast!


Question for Military Wives August 2, 2009

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My question is about jewelry and how to PCS with it.

Obviously, any nice or special jewelry will be coming with me in my carry-on luggage. That part is easy. However, I’m a bit of a costume jewelry fiend. Costume jewelry is the only thing I allow myself to kind of horde and I have a ton of it. It is way too much to put in my carry on. The question now is to I put it in my checked luggage or can I pack it with my home goods? No single piece is worth that much money, but as a “collection” it has some value attached to it. Lots of this costume jewellery looks like the real thing. I’m worried that someone will steal the lot of it thinking that some of it is real. Perhaps this is a little paranoid, but sometimes paranoia can be helpful. I was thinking I might wrap it in Ziploc bags and tissue paper and then pack it in sealed shoe boxes – along with some of my shoes – and just ship it with my home goods.

I should also mention that I am returning from Europe so I cannot just pack it in my car and drive it to our new base.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. 🙂


Les Miserables July 31, 2009

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Tomorrow we are off to London to visit Buckingham Palace in the morning and to see Les Miserables in the evening. How exciting! I’ve heard good things about Les Miserables, but am not generally a fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even if it doesn’t end up as my favourite musical.

We also have plans to visit Harrod’s and to go to one of our favourite and easy sushi places Yo! Sushi. A busy, but fun day.

Right now I need to do more home inventory stuff. I leave the country on Tuesday for about a month and a half and don’t want to have to do an entire home inventory upon my return as we will be busy with other stuff. Have a good Saturday everyone!


My Computer is *almost* Fixed July 28, 2009

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The computer technician should be here in about an hour to fix my poor laptop so you can expect much more regular posting in the very near future. I know you are all excited!

Yesterday my pilot and I made a trip to base. For most military spouses this is not a blog-worthy post, but since we’ve been here we’ve made the trip to base less then 10 times (we’ve been here almost two years!). We don’t have a car here so we are limited to taking taxis to get to base which is pretty expensive – though not as expensive as having and maintaining a car here. In the morning we attended the “Smooth Move” seminar to make sure we are doing everything necessary for our PCS. The presentations were good, but I couldn’t help but thinking that the whole process could be made much, much, much more straightforward.

The one interesting thing I learned is that due to US agricultural restrictions you must be absolutely certain not to have any “outdoor debris” in your household goods or unaccompanied baggage shipment. You even have to get the bottom of your car washed before you can ship it. I won’t be moving my herb garden, but I’ll probably stick the pots in the dishwasher just to make absolutely sure I don’t bring any nasty critters back to the US.

After a quick lunch my pilot went shopping while I had the joy of going to the dentist. Ugh. I am always embarrassed to go to the dentist now because to make a long story short my childhood dentist was awful. I didn’t know this at the time, nor did my parents or obviously I wouldn’t have gone to her. I had braces on for eight years and even though I kept my teeth meticulously clean the bottom line is that teeth really aren’t meant to have stuff glued to them for that long. My molars were severely decalcified due to the braces and the cavities were inevitable. Not a big deal. Most people get cavities. My old dentist filled these cavities and the only problem I realized at the time was that I was no longer able to floss between my back teeth -seriously, I could not get even get the dental floss in! Finally, many, many, many years down the road the air force dentists actually investigated this and believed me when I told them I honestly couldn’t floss back there. They have been repairing her damage ever since. The latest discovery is that she put in a filling that over hangs part of my tooth and makes it impossible to clean and that she used really inexpensive filler material. Ugh. Perhaps I’m more upset by this than I should be, but I only have one set of teeth and because of her they aren’t as healthy as the could be.

I feel really fortunate that the dentists are catching this now as opposed to when my teeth start falling out or something, so that is something positive I suppose.

Do you have any dental horror stories?

PS – I find it quite funny that the spellchecker on word press does not recognize the word “blog.” 🙂


Little Bo Peep July 16, 2009

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Every since we started dating my pilot and I have always made the decision to get or do one really nice thing when we travel somewhere. For example, when we were in Istanbul we purchased one genuine, handmade, Turkish carpet rather then lots of little trinkets. I’m not trying to brag it’s just a preference of ours. Besides I don’t really like to dust so having a ton of small trinkets around would be a disaster for my housekeeping.

Since we have been living in England we’ve had the opportunity to do lots of nice things, but we had yet to purchase something as a remembrance of our time in England. There is a myriad of union jack prints and mind-the-gap paraphernalia, but in the spirit of the British we have opted for something local and handmade. As an added bonus I think this particular item is super cute! We are getting a wooden sheep complete with real sheep’s wool. It sounds silly when I write it down, but I’ll post pictures as soon as I can. It is certainly a unique creation and the woman who makes them is a regular at our local market.

Do you have any unique treasure from your travels?