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The Wrong Side of the Bed August 10, 2009

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Today is just one of those days where it is clear that I got up on the wrong side of the bed. I am just plain irritable and cranky. And no, it doesn’t have to do with any “female problems.”

Here is what I am cranky about, maybe if I get it off my chest I’ll feel better:

1. Friends from high school (that went to school with me since kindergarten!) that have stopped talking to me for no reason. I’ve wracked my brain to think of something I could have done to each and every person, but I honestly cannot think of anything. If you are going to be mad at me at least tell me why. I write nice letters every couple of months, but never get any response. I don’t know why I bother.

2. People who do other things when they are driving – texting, eating, reading (!!!), turning all the way around to yell at their kids, or anything else that isn’t paying attention to driving. Seriously people you could kill someone if you do not focus on driving. If you need to do any of the aforementioned things pull over.

3. Inane “reality” TV shows.

4. People who don’t understand that not everyone finds their child/dog/cat/turtle/bird/etc. cute and that I do not necessarily want your child/dog/cat/turtle/bird/etc. climbing all over me during dinner/an airplane trip/at petsmart. Sometimes I do find your child/dog/cat/turtle/bird/etc. cute just not all the time. This goes double if your dog is jumping on me because he does not have a leash while he is in a “leash required” area. I should mention that I generally like children/dogs/cats/turtles/birds/etcs., just on my own terms.

5. Speaking of children. Acquaintances that (in my humble opinion) rudely ask me when I am going to have kids. This one might just be me, but I think this is a rude question. It’s kind of like if I asked them “when are you going to STOP having kids.” It just seems like a private matter to me that I might only talk about with my immediate family and only my best friends. It’s also rude because if you do not know a person well that answer could be painful for them – maybe she is unable to have children or just had a miscarriage. Shrug.

6. People who lack cell phone etiquette and people who lake etiquette in general. You do not need to know where every piece of silverware goes, but you should be able to say “thank you” when I hold the door open for you even if you are on your cell phone.

7. Not getting hired because of where I went to college. Yes, this has happened. No, I do not want to explain further at this time.

8. Not being able to find pants that fit me.

9. Only being able to buy petite clothing on the internet without trying it on and then having to pay $6 to return the item by mail because the store does not accept petite returns. I’m sure this one is some kind of discrimination.

10. People telling me what it is that I want to do with my life or what I do not want to do with my life. I appreciate your opinions and am grateful for them, but I can think for myself.

I do not enjoy being such a negative Nancy :-), but I do feel better now. I also know that my problems are nothing compared to some people and that overall I am a lucky person. It’s just one of those days where all my little issues seem really big. 😦


Really? July 31, 2009

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I do not like it when the BBC uses a Twitter post as a legitimate news source. It just doesn’t seem entirely legitimate and besides I could make up lots of things to post on Twitter that are not true, but sound true.


That was my random thought of the hour provided to you free of charge. 🙂


My Computer is *almost* Fixed July 28, 2009

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The computer technician should be here in about an hour to fix my poor laptop so you can expect much more regular posting in the very near future. I know you are all excited!

Yesterday my pilot and I made a trip to base. For most military spouses this is not a blog-worthy post, but since we’ve been here we’ve made the trip to base less then 10 times (we’ve been here almost two years!). We don’t have a car here so we are limited to taking taxis to get to base which is pretty expensive – though not as expensive as having and maintaining a car here. In the morning we attended the “Smooth Move” seminar to make sure we are doing everything necessary for our PCS. The presentations were good, but I couldn’t help but thinking that the whole process could be made much, much, much more straightforward.

The one interesting thing I learned is that due to US agricultural restrictions you must be absolutely certain not to have any “outdoor debris” in your household goods or unaccompanied baggage shipment. You even have to get the bottom of your car washed before you can ship it. I won’t be moving my herb garden, but I’ll probably stick the pots in the dishwasher just to make absolutely sure I don’t bring any nasty critters back to the US.

After a quick lunch my pilot went shopping while I had the joy of going to the dentist. Ugh. I am always embarrassed to go to the dentist now because to make a long story short my childhood dentist was awful. I didn’t know this at the time, nor did my parents or obviously I wouldn’t have gone to her. I had braces on for eight years and even though I kept my teeth meticulously clean the bottom line is that teeth really aren’t meant to have stuff glued to them for that long. My molars were severely decalcified due to the braces and the cavities were inevitable. Not a big deal. Most people get cavities. My old dentist filled these cavities and the only problem I realized at the time was that I was no longer able to floss between my back teeth -seriously, I could not get even get the dental floss in! Finally, many, many, many years down the road the air force dentists actually investigated this and believed me when I told them I honestly couldn’t floss back there. They have been repairing her damage ever since. The latest discovery is that she put in a filling that over hangs part of my tooth and makes it impossible to clean and that she used really inexpensive filler material. Ugh. Perhaps I’m more upset by this than I should be, but I only have one set of teeth and because of her they aren’t as healthy as the could be.

I feel really fortunate that the dentists are catching this now as opposed to when my teeth start falling out or something, so that is something positive I suppose.

Do you have any dental horror stories?

PS – I find it quite funny that the spellchecker on word press does not recognize the word “blog.” 🙂


My Dell XPS m1330 July 20, 2009

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I am livid over the state of my computer right now. The failures that I have experienced with this Dell have been beyond what I would consider as acceptable. Let’s recap:

1. 1.5 months after purchase the entire motherboard, heat sink, fan and other innards need to be replaced. In addition, the actual covering needs to be replaced because the Dell logo has peeled off.

2. The technician who did the previous repairs did not install the computer fan properly causing it to severely overheat. All the above parts are replaced again a week after the first repair.

3. 6 months later the graphic card fails and needs to be replaced.

4. 2 weeks after the warranty expires the computers battery no longer holds any charge whatsoever. The replacement cost for this battery is $250. I don’t think so. I am not paying that much for a batter to last a year.

5. 1 month ago the computer’s fan begins mysteriously starting and stopping in quick succession. A Dell technician connects to my computer and flashes the BIOS which is not exactly the safest thing to do to a computer.

6. This week something else is broken. It seemed like a similar issue to the graphics card, however now the computer will not turn on at all. It is no longer under warranty.

For numbers 1-5 I was still in graduate school with all my work and scientific data on this computer. Furthermore, I had to sit around and wait for the Dell guys to come and fix my computer. I missed two days of class because they told me they would come on one day and then didn’t show up. I’m smart enough to back up my data, but I still couldn’t study and couldn’t do anything related to school because I had to sit in my room without any type of computer. Now I haven’t lost anything that essential, but I am still extremely annoyed.

I have been a loyal Dell customer for about 10 years and due to the malfunctions of this dreadful machine I will never purchase another Dell again. Many other people with this computer have had similar issues which leads me to believe that there is a major design flaw in this particular laptop. Dell isn’t going to give me a new computer and I don’t expect them to, but I would appreciate some form of compensation. Of course I won’t be getting anything. I do not think I will ever purchase another Dell and would not recommend their products.

I apologize for any egregious spelling or grammatical errors in this post, but my pilot needs his computer back so he can work now.


Unreliable Computer July 18, 2009

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My unreliable (and now out of warranty) computer is on the fritz.

Worse things could happen, but I am not pleased.

Hopefully, I will be fully functioning soon, but until then I’ll be on my husband’s computer. Posts may be short for a few days since he is using his computer to write his thesis which is obviously way more important than my blogging.

Wish my luck with the computer gurus at Dell.