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Interesting Activity August 23, 2009

Filed under: Books,Misa — Misa @ 6:02 am

I’ve been doing a kind of self-help, long-term exercise for artist’s aimed at refreshing creativity. Yes, I know how silly this sounds. I do not usually get involved in these type of self-help exercises because I am a bit cynical, but this particular one is actually producing some results.

Anyway, most of the program will not be of interest to my readers, but perhaps my favourite part of the program will be. The program requires that every morning you hand-write three pages in a notebook or journal. The pages can be stream of consciousness and can be about anything. They can be positive, negative or just rambling, it does not matter. The most important part is not stressing over punctuation, spelling and other grammatical conventions – you just write how and what you want. The second most important part is that neither you nor anyone else is to read your pages until after you have finished the program. Even once you have finished only you may read your pages otherwise you will subconsciously or consciously worry about what someone else will think. It’s sounds a little cheesy, but I’ve found that doing this every morning really makes me a less anxious person. I can write down any minor worries and after I write them it’s like they are gone. I do not entirely understand, but it works for me.

I suppose a blog could act as these pages, but only if it were totally private. The fact that no one will read my notebook is really freeing.

Just thought I’d share. 🙂


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