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Rosetta Stone really works! August 22, 2009

Filed under: Misa,Travel — Misa @ 5:57 am

I tend to by a pretty cynical person especially when it comes to products that claim to make life easier. I find that most of these products really are “too good to be true.”

However, Rosetta Stone is a major exception to the rule. I guess it is really not too good to be true because it is expensive. Anyway, it really works. I am learning the language and it is not painful at all. The only extra thing I’ve done (that they do suggest) is putting notes with the names of objects on them on the actual objects. Not too hard to do honestly. I have been using the program every day, but I only use it for as long as I want. Some days this is as little as 10 minutes (about the length of one lesson) and other days this is longer (an hour or so). At first I felt strange talking to my computer, but now that I have gotten used to it, it is pretty fun.

I highly recommend this product especially if you are PCSing and need to learn a little bit of the language fast!


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