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I had a VERY Productive Day August 18, 2009

Filed under: Misa — Misa @ 5:53 am

Today I have:

1. Purchased a domain name for my business complete with email addresses and hosting.

2. Found an online code for a discount on my domain name – woot!

2. Set up the email addresses and sent test messages.

3. Designed and launched the website…in flash.

4. Cleaned the fish pond on the deck and gave them nice cold water – it’s really hot here.

5. Ran some errands – picking up mail, putting gas in the car, etc.

6. Ate some delicious Swedish Fish flavoured water ice.

7. Sent catch-up emails to several of my college and high school friends.

8. Read two (short) books.

9. Did some laundry…

10. Folded said laundry and put it away.

11. Completed my daily lesson on Rosetta Stone.

12. Went for a swim.

13. Reheated dinner – yum!

14. Took a long, relaxing, bubble bath.

15. Began work on an anniversary gift for C. Handmade is the way to go when the boy has everything!

Phew! The strangest bit is that I am not even tired!


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