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A Wet Day in London August 2, 2009

Filed under: England,Misa,My Pilot — Misa @ 3:29 pm

We had an excellent time in London yesterday even though it was raining. As I already mentioned we visited Buckingham Palace, had lunch at Yo! Sushi and then saw Les Miserables.

The palace was phenomenal! The only downside was that you are not allowed to take photographs inside the Palace and the entrance is designed in such a way that you cannot take photographs of the outside either. I think it is because they want to make money selling the photo books in the gift shop. Shrug. Anyway, there was a special exhibit on the Queen’s various trips to other parts of the commonwealth. Every outfit she wore was impeccable and appropriate down to including national colours in each garment. It is good to be the queen!

Yo! Sushi was tasty. The service in the particular franchise we were in was a little lack-luster, but it didn’t ruin our lunch. I ate so much sushi and katsu curry. Yum, yum, yum! Yo! Sushi is interesting because it is based on the Japanese kaiten-zushi. The sushi sits in on conveyor belt that goes around the restaurant, when you see something that looks tasty you just take it off the conveyor belt. At the end of your meals the plates are counted in order to determine your bill. It is good fun!

Lastly, Les Miserables was amazing. I spent most of the second act in tears, but then I cried at the end of Monster’s Inc. It was sooo good. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any show, so this was an extra special treat for me. I’m a bit spoiled in terms of musicals (and other things ^0^) because my college had weekly trips in to NYC to see shows at a substantial discount – $20 for a private bus in to the city, the show, the bus ride back to campus AND they gave us a snack on the bus. My friend Brian and I would go nearly every week on these trips. If anyone ever needs a recommendation for a show, I’m your girl.

I leave on Tuesday to go back to the states for about a month. I know it’s crazy to do this right before our PCS, but it can’t be helped (long, long, long, but-not-very-interesting story). Today and tomorrow I need to organize all my belongings here in case I can’t get back to England before our PCS. That would not be a total disaster because I need to go home before our PCS anyway because I need to drive my car and pet down to Texas. I will miss my husband, but am looking forward to seeing friends and eating at Salad Works!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!


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