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Les Miserables July 31, 2009

Filed under: England,Misa,My Pilot,Travel — Misa @ 3:33 pm

Tomorrow we are off to London to visit Buckingham Palace in the morning and to see Les Miserables in the evening. How exciting! I’ve heard good things about Les Miserables, but am not generally a fan of Andrew Lloyd Weber. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even if it doesn’t end up as my favourite musical.

We also have plans to visit Harrod’s and to go to one of our favourite and easy sushi places Yo! Sushi. A busy, but fun day.

Right now I need to do more home inventory stuff. I leave the country on Tuesday for about a month and a half and don’t want to have to do an entire home inventory upon my return as we will be busy with other stuff. Have a good Saturday everyone!


One Response to “Les Miserables”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I hope that you had a wonderful time! I admit, I was slightly envious of your amazing day when I read this 🙂 I have my fingers crossed that someday Daniel and I will get stationed over in Europe!


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