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Thank Goodness for Small Miracles July 24, 2009

Filed under: England,Misa — Misa @ 4:50 pm

The computer gods must be smiling on me because Dell has unexpectedly decided to let me renew my warranty, thus allowing me to get my computer fixed.

The on good thing that came out of my computer hiatus was that I was sufficiently motivated to experiment with some more traditional artistic mediums. I usually spend most of time creating with my computer and pen tablet, but this past week I’ve enjoyed using pen and ink and even some charcoal. This creative spurt has also gotten me out of an artistic rut! Hurray!!

I went in to town this afternoont to have lunch with my pilot and had an interesting experience on the bus. The bus driver nearly came to blows with a driver in another bus because the other bus was blocking traffic AND was in the wrong lane. I have never heard such colorful swearing! It was pretty creative swearing too. I won’t repeat any of it here, but it was certainly amusing.

On Monday, the pilot and I will be at the Smooth Move seminar on base so that we can be prepared for our upcoming PCS this October. I’m pretty sure I know the general gist of what will be said, but we really need to ask some questions at the end of the seminar since we are in a kind of special/unique (read: the air force doesn’t really know what to do with us) situation. A big part of my computer getting fixed is that I will not have to redo our entire home inventory. I went a little over the top and itemized everything down to individual CDs, DVDs and video games. It also comes with attached photographs of said items. This was a BIG project and it’s one I’m glad to not have to do again in the near future. I used a home inventory template that you can download for free from the Microsoft website. If you have never used their free templates you should check them out – they have serious things like budget worksheets and inventories (for home and small business) and more fun things like calendars and reward certificates. Overall, a very cool service. I don’t know why more people don’t use it.

I’ve challenged my pilot to a game of Go and he is demanding that we play. Does anyone else out there play Go? If not, what are your favourite board games?


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