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The One Hundred July 17, 2009

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The One Hundred

By Nina Garcia

I have never really considered myself a trend follower in terms of fashion, but rather someone who prefers to dress in a more classic style. Part of this is that I don’t generally like most trends, but the other part is that I am extremely picky about how a garment fits. If it doesn’t fit, I am not interested unless there is something I can do to make it fit – i.e. hemming pants or taking in a jacket. This tends to irritate the people who shop with me. An additional side-effect of being picky is that I will spend more money on a piece of clothing if it fits well because I will wear it for a very, very, very long time.

This book by Nina Garcia resonated with me because she is 1) petite like I am 2) inclined to dress classically and 3)values quality over the label. It also helps that she always looks impeccable on Project Runway. The premise is that the book details one hundred items that every woman should own and range from clothing items to cosmetics and even to electronics. The best part of this book is that she tells you where it is worth spending the money and where you can save your pennies. She also highlights a luxury brand for a given item (Repetto ballet flats) and a reasonable brand (Gap ballet flats).

Overall a very cool book that I would glady recommend as a reference or just something fun to read.


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