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Ready for Texas July 14, 2009

Filed under: Employment,Misa — Misa @ 2:35 pm

In a few months my pilot and I will be off to his next duty station in Texas. I can hardly contain my excitment. I’ve never been to Texas before, but it is a state that has always intrigued me. There is something inately appealing about a state known for open spaces, bbq and rodeo. I am also excited to finally be in a climate more suitable for someone who is always cold.  The additional benefit to Texas is that I will once again be able to have a job. At least that’s the idea.

I have been trolling all the usual job websites for the past several months and the job scene is a wasteland. Obviously, the job market anywhere is going to be extremely competitive and narrow due to the present economic woes, but compared to other places I’ve looked this town in Texas is particularly barren except for jobs on base that I don’t even come close to qualifying for: ejection seat specialist, t-38 mechanic, corrosion control specialist, etc.

It feels like I’m stuck in limbo between not being qualified at all for a job and being overqualified for a job. For example, I put in a general application with the local school district (I’m a certified teacher) and was told that I am overqualified for the teaching positions, but at the same time under qualified for administration because I only have a few years of teaching experience, but they really wish they had a job they could offer me. Am I the only one this doesn’t make sense to?

I am grateful that even if I do not end up with a job my pilot and I will be perfectly comfortable. The issue is that I hate being a full-time homemaker. Many people love being homemakers, but it is just not right for me. I am not able to work here and I am going crazy. I am not even allowed to volunteer because for some strange reason you need to be able to work full-time in order to volunteer. I also feel guilty that my pilot spends all day at work and I do not. Clearly, since I’m home I do practically all the housework (my pilot’s onlychore is to take the trash down to the rubbish bin), but I still feel guilty about not paying my own way or somehow contributing to society.

I’m sure this will all work itself out, but the fiercely independent, type-a side of me really wants all of this sorted yesterday.


One Response to “Ready for Texas”

  1. Jenny Says:

    It’s tough out there! I hope something good opens up for you.

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